The Hannecartbos was developed on an area of grasslands and dune acres.

Not the entire 48 hectares of the area were wooded. There is grassland on the north-eastern edge, as well as on the southern edge, which also contains a small area of early medieval dunes. In some places, the forest still displays park-like features, such as an overgrown lane with neatly aligned trees. Some of the hedges that used to demarcate the dune fields are still recognisable. A watercourse runs diagonally through the area. Following purchase by the government and protection as a nature reserve, a drastic restoration programme was drawn up for the wood. This includes cutting down dying trees over an area of six hectares to restore the original grasslands. Grazing will be done by Shetland ponies in limited areas. The stream will be cleaned up, its course regulated by weirs.

Between Karthuizerduinen, Ter Yde, Spelleplekke and Polderstraat (entry point: Noordzeedreef, small car park near domein Westhoek)

Hannecartbos Oostduinkerke